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Taking the shopping experience on Instagram to the next level

Instagram wants you to have a seamless shopping experience inside their platform. That is why starting this month they are rolling out taggable and buyable products. A feature that will be only available for a pool of selected retailers and visible for a sample of iOS users in the US.

With this move, Instagram is offering app users a new way of exploring products of their interest without having to leave the platform to search on search engines or branded websites.

The key here is having the users to flow from discovery to consideration stage within the app and thus, allowing Instagram, as a revenue source, to be more trackable for business or brands seeking to build a profitable audience.

More than 84% of smartphone users in the U.S. browse, research, or compare products via a web browser or mobile app.

How does taggable products work on Instagram?

This new feature has been released as a test in which 20 US-based retail brands were invited to participate. To name a few, Abercrombie & FitchKate Spade, JackThreads and Warby Parker are amongst the participants.

Every photo published by these brands that include buyable products will have a tap to view icon at the bottom left of a photo. Once the users tap the tag, product tags will appear highlighting the presence of buyable products in the post. These tags, limited to a maximum of five per photo, will showcase the name and the price of the product.

When the user selects a product tag, a new detailed view of the product will open. This detailed view actually works as an e-commerce product description, showing the name of the product, the price, a compelling description illustrated by a picture heroing the product and a ‘shop now’ link that points to the business website. The user no longer needs to leave the app to search information about the product, going from discovery to consideration inside Instagram.

The following video shows the new feature in action:

What will be the cost for brands and businesses?

According to Techcrunch’s article, Instagram is not planning to generate revenue charging a fee for every purchase. Instead, they are planning to monetize the new feature through advertising.

Instagram won’t take a cut of purchases, and instead plans to monetize the product by later allowing brands to pay to show their shoppable photos to people who don’t follow them, says Instagram’s VP of monetization James Quarles.

Next steps in Instagram Shopping

According to James Quarles, Instagram’s VP of monetization, ‘shoppable tags will eventually expand to video posts, photo carousels, and other countries.’ Likewise, the ability to save content so Instagrammers can take further action later on is on the product roadmap.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to use this feature?

Antonio Gonzalez

Digital Marketing expert with more than 8 years of experience.