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Facebook new remarketing options on the spotlight

Facebook keeps rolling out new advertising features to its platform silently. In the last days some advertisers have noticed the presence of three new remarketing options in their business manager.

Usually, when speaking about remarketing, we make reference to campaigns in which we’re seeking to impact website visitors once they have abandoned it without converting. For the sake of relevance and thus, efficiency of the campaign, the creatives are adapted to the user behavior on the business website.The three new remarketing audiences however, and here is the novelty, don’t require users to leave Facebook and visit advertiser’s website.

The three new Facebook remarketing options are illustrated in the image below and can be found under the custom audience menu.They are called “video”, “Canvas” and “lead Ad” respectively.


Let’s look in detail what these options have to offer to advertisers.


Video Ads allow advertisers to create remarketing campaigns based on users watching behavior. As you can see in the image below, you can create remarketing lists for users who watched three or 10 seconds of your video or segment them by percentage of visualization.

screenshot of the new facebook remarketing video ads

As you may have noticed, videos seem to receive a preferential treatment on the news feed in terms of organic reach, and they are usually a more compelling format to showcase products and services. Therefore, video content should be present in your content strategy.


Canvas is an immersive format specifically designed for mobile devices that reminds me of a rich media format and thus, as it occurs with video content and in spite of Facebook efforts to simplify the set up process, Canvas development require more resources in the creative area compared to normal posts. However, this kind of content shows its full potential when introducing new products or in tactical campaigns.

screenshot of facebook canvas remarketing options

We have two options to create a custom audience within canva ads. Either we create a list for those users who opened the canvas or we create it for those who clicked in any link present in it. The conversion window in this option is 365 days and it is superior to the conversion window offered for videos.

Lead Ad

Lead generation ads were introduced on October 2015 for people on mobile to signal to businesses that they want to learn more about their products or services.Now we are able to create audiences based on the user interaction with our lead generation ads.

screenshot of the facebook lead ad remarketing option

We can create audiences based on 3 behaviors: users who just opened the form, people who opened but didn’t submit, or people who opened and submitted. From a lead generation perspective, the priority option would be remarket to those who opened but didn’t submit the form.

Why is Facebook doing this?

At belegantt, we think this is another move from Facebook in his quest to become the hub of the mobile internet. They are trying to increase the time spent on the platform by their user base while performing meaningful actions for advertisers thanks to a frictionless mobile experience. Concurrently, the ability to create custom audiences based on actions taken inside the platform will make business more prone to invest more resources in order to generate compelling content for their Facebook audiences, and thus reinforcing the mechanics proposed by Zuckerberg’s company.

Antonio Gonzalez

Digital Marketing expert with more than 8 years of experience.