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    Proving the value of social media through reporting

    In the so-called data-driven world, everybody is under pressure to demonstrate the value of their work to the decision makers and thus reporting has become a critical activity for agencies and in-house teams. Of course, social media reports are no exception. In this post I would like to share with you our approach in conducting […]

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    Facebook new remarketing options on the spotlight

    Facebook keeps rolling out new advertising features to its platform silently. In the last days some advertisers have noticed the presence of three new remarketing options in their business manager. Usually, when speaking about remarketing, we make reference to campaigns in which we’re seeking to impact website visitors once they have abandoned it without converting. […]

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    Taking the shopping experience on Instagram to the next level

    Instagram wants you to have a seamless shopping experience inside their platform. That is why starting this month they are rolling out taggable and buyable products. A feature that will be only available for a pool of selected retailers and visible for a sample of iOS users in the US. With this move, Instagram is […]