We are Belegantt,
the digital agency.

About us

We are a full-service digital marketing agency focused on user-driven outcomes. We strive to create meaningful experiences for your brand merging innovative strategies, remarkable creativity, and state-of-the-art technology. We believe in brilliant execution, beautiful design, agile development and collaboration to deliver outstanding results for incredible clients.

We are a group of digital marketing professionals with more than eight years of experience growing online businesses. We have built brands and digital experiences in multiple sectors such as retail, FMCG, insurance, Pharma and public institutions.

No matter if you are just starting your digital experience or think it is time to change the strategies you already have in place, we put to work all our expertise to get the most out of your digital assets with the aim of meeting your business objectives.

Why choose Belegantt

Results oriented

We're doers. we're achievers, always striving to improve your bottom line.

Creativity & Technology

Remarkable creativity enhanced by state-of-the-art technology.

Bespoke Marketing

Your business challenges are unique, so we offer customized solutions.

What will Digital Marketing do for my business?

We’re undeniably living in the new multi-screen age. Our day-to-day interactions with technology—and our expectations—have increased dramatically.

We’re no longer content to wait until later to buy shoes, schedule travel or find a hot spot to eat. Technology lets us act now, and we expect reliable results. In fact, we’ve become so dependent on being connected all the time that 43% of U.S. adults would be willing to give up beer for a month if it meant they could keep accessing the Internet on their smartphones, and 36% said they’d be willing to give up chocolate.

Implementing Digital Marketing will open a whole new world for your business. You will find new customers, you will impress current customers, you will work in brand awareness and brand consistency and the most important YOUR BUSINESS WILL EXIST because at present if you are not on the Internet you are almost not part of the world.

What are you waiting for to jump into digital marketing?

Belegantt Digital Marketing Agency


What we do
Digital Strategy

Ideation and execution of digital strategies and meaningful and engaging experiences to improve your business bottom line.


Attract your most valuables clients through banners, social ads, and PPC while maximizing your ROI.We work with Facebook, Adwords and more.

Social Media

Build deeper relationships with your brand community, foster loyalty and create valuable virality on social platforms through active social listening and engagement.


Measurement & Analytics

Are you making good or bad business decisions? Analyze your work and improve your results. We help you extract knowledge from your data.

E-commerce & Web Design

We build your web/ecommerce platform so that you can devote your time to sell your products or services.


Let’s work together in your omnichannel sales. We create, improve and manage your shopping feeds, marketplace and ads. We are Amazon experts.



Keep up with the fast pace of digital marketing with our customized education and training programs.


We improve ranking, drive traffic and increase awareness in search engines. We grow your visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results.

Email Marketing

Get the most out of your email marketing strategy. Let us build your email lists and craft relevant messages for your customers.